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I always prided myself about being clean and how id never get any disease.  I was always the partying type. I have blacked out and had unprotected sex with many women but i was always clean and tested negative for every std until 3 months ago when i met a girl at a party. She told everyone she was clean (I don't really remember why), and she said that condoms were for wimps. That night I went home with her because I was intoxicated and in the morning i felt fine, but as the day went on i felt worse and worse. After one week i couldn't open my mouth because an absess had formed and the doctor said i had tonsilitis. I knew this couldn't be true, but i didn't want to tell him I had had unprotected sex because my mother was in the room. Long story short I decided to get tested because I was getting sick every month. I tested positive and broke down. I was heavily depressed and wondered how this girl could look e straight in the face and tell me she was clean. Anyways im still trying to get used to the fact that I have HIV. I'm fine with it now and i have realized that I will still live for at least another 10 years which is enough for me. The moral of my story is to never ever trust someone that says they are clean. Most of the time it's true, but it only takes one time. Please, everyone be careful.

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