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Abi 1

Well....i was only 13 when i lost my virginity but i was going out with a boy who was 15 and yes we're not together anymore. He went on holiday for a week and i didnt see him so we planned that when he got back i would go to his house, we talked about having sex before but never planned it.

So i went to his house and we sat on his bed and started making out, he pulled a condom out of his pocket and said, ''only if your ready babe' i replied yes i i thought he was the one i wanted to loose it with. His fingers went up my skirt and later on he put it in and yes it hurt ALOT at first but you get use to it. The condom snapped and he got another one and i said no can we try another time? he said sure anything for you.

That night I went home and cried my self to sleep, the next day at school my friends knew somthing was wrong so i told them...they couldnt believe what id done and now they dont talk to. As for my boyfriend he didnt get in touch with me for the next few days and when i saw him he broke up with me. advise is dont have sex at the age of 13 unless your really ready and like the person, but as a result of loosing your virginity you may loose your friends. Also if you do have sex make sure you use protection.