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My name is A i live in Kenya. I dont have the virus but my older sister has it she is only 28years and dont have a family. I dont know what to do or say to her to make her feel better, the man who gave her the virus is long gone to a different country. She is all alone in a city and far from me and family. Am soooo worried since i am not there to support her.

I now know she is devasted and stressed out since she complains of headaches and rashes which ooozess blood, she complains a lot and that worries me so very much. I usually comfort her over the pone but i feel its not enough. I dont know which stage she is since she is yet to find out.

I have a family who i havent shared with the news since i dont know how they will take it. am sooo stressed out and my work progress is very down especially when i remember my sister.

Please people who live with the disease take heart, God doesnt forsake anyone during there times in need. My only wish is that my sister to be strong since its not the end of the world.

I love her to much and will keep on praying for her each and every day.