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37 & Bi

I'm 37 year old and realize two years ago that I'm bi. For years, I couldn't figure out why I couldn't keep a relationship with the guy. Two years ago, I met the love of my life.  I had never really felt like this about anyone.  I couldn't even admit I loved her until one day she was in front of me and texted me,  "want to kiss you".  The thing is I met her at work 7 years ago and we became bff's.  she's married but is lesbian and told me she liked girls. She asked me if I like girls and  I immediately refused. Through the years being so close to her I just couldn't deny my feelings anymore. When she texted me, I want to kiss you.  I texted back me too.  We started  an affair, one thing lead to another and I told her I loved her and se said she didn't. It broke my heart to pieces. It almost  killed me. 

I have never told anyone in my family I'm bi or about this affair. Imagine finding out at 35 your bi in love with your BFF and have no one to tell it to.  I'm dying inside and no one the wiser. My family is very old fashioned and will never accept that I like girls.  Life isn't fair I guess.  I guess I was always bi but was to afraid to accept it.

AVERT Says: If you feel personally affected by what was said in this story, or if you would like more information, please see our page on Coming Out