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28 and HIV positive

I'm 28 yrs and I discovered I was HIV+ a week ago 04/06/2012, whn the doctor told me I was + I went blank, funny enough I didn't even share a tear, I guess its bcoz I knew I was , whn we broke up my b/frnd hinted tht I should get tested. Yep he knew he was + lied abt it nd took medication behind my back.

How do u do tht to some1 u claim to luv, bitz me. Doctor informed tht I have to start treatment soon, so scared bcoz of all the stories nd symptoms I hear abt ARV's. Ill never marry nd ill never bear a child ever*teary eyez* its not easy but I'm determined to make it work if not 4 me atleast for my 5yr old son he needs me. God plz help me.

AVERT Says: Learning you are HIV positive is not easy. However, living an enriching and healthy life is entirely possible, for more information please see our pages on living with HIV.