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Young people


I went for HIV/AIDS testing last year... The results came back positive. I was referred to the nearest clinic where I did my Tuberculosis test. The TB test also came back positive. I was only 21 when i found out i was HIV positive. I haven’t told my parents and the whole family though because they are very strict people and they will judge me. I don't have any friends either. But 1 day i will come out.

Lucy 1

I am really confused on if i am a lesbian or not. If I told my family that i liked women, they would probably laugh in my face and tell me I am too young to know what I want. But I can't control my thoughts. I have been trying to figure out who i am. I went through the same thing 2 years ago... But i convinced myself that it was just a stage in my life.


People who I've know as a child and have lost contact with usually ask me, when did you become a lesbian....I don't know when, I've never been that interested in guys anyways, I've always looked for people to accept me.

Erica and A.J

I'm seventeen and I didn't lose my virginity til a little while ago. It was to my boyfriend..... He is a little bit older than me and more experienced sexually and never pressured me to do anything. He always stopped when I asked him to. I'm so glad I waited for somebody who actually had feelings for me and I for him. We are still together. :)


My first time was with my boyfriend of almost two years. I was happy that I was finally going to experience this wonderful act of love with someone I loved and knew cared and respected me, but I was also really scared. I mean, I could get pregnant or something. I also felt, in a way, that I was letting down my family, being raised in a Catholic background, premarital sex is frowned upon. Losing your virginity is not a race, my boyfriend and I were both 16 when we lost it together, but it is not something that can be rushed.

Jay 2

I'm 19 years old and i found out i was HIV positive 2 months ago... so many thing were rushing through my mind, but the one thing i kept thinking was that i was going to die. i have been reasured that i am not going to die, and im pretty healthy at the moment and i don't need to start taking meds for a few years. i need to stop getting depressed because having HIV isn't the end of the world, plus drugs and medication are always getting better so who knows maybe a cure in 3,5,10 years???


I am twenty years old, studying at a decent college, and yet I'm still living a lie. Sometimes I would even look for gay sexual acts on the internet, just to prove to myself I didn't like it. I'm writing to plead you to not hide yourself, to not build up these walls. No harm can come to your loved ones from your homosexuality, and there is nothing to fear or hate about yourself.

Kenneth 1

I was dating my ex girl who was 16 then and i was 19 years old. I really regret ever forcing her into something she wasn't prepared to do. My advise to other guys is that please respect yo women and their decisios, they really deserve that. It's never too late to have sex, if you say you love her, then act like you do and respect her if she's not ready to have sex.

Sam 1

The first time I tried to have sex was with my first serious boyfriend, whom I thought I'd be with the rest of my life... I left his house to go back to school I started freaking out on the inside and when I got home I started crying for hours... painful but in a way I was glad I got it over with.


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