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Young people

Wendy 1

When i was 15 I lost my virginity to my boyfriend. Girls or guys do not push yourselves or others to do something you arnt ready to do. Sex is a big deal,espically to people who havnt experienced it. Make sure it is with someone you love and make it count.

Bee 1

Ask almost anyone about their first time, they'll tell you they werent ready, or to wait untill you were in love, or the all too common 'I regret it now'. I was 18, it was with a friend I had been growing increasingly close with over the past year. I was not about to take the risk of an unwanted pregnancy at 18, while I was in my first year of university. Please dont feel like hiding the fact that you're a virgin is a good thing, be open about it, and it will make eberything alot easier.

Jane 1

I'm an ordinary South African girl. I've recently admitted to myself that I'm a lesbian but it wasn't easy doing so. I've come out to my friends and my cousins but not to my mom yet. I suspect that she knows but I don't want to confirm it for her as yet: the last thing I want to hear is someone telling me it's just a phase. It helps that I've got a few friends who are also lesbian/ bisexual. I've also learnt that love just happens and you start to have a great ife once you begin to remain true to yourself.

Laura 1

I'm 16 years old and i think i am a lesbian. I've had boyfriends in the past but i've never been with a girl. The thing is that i think I'm in denial. I've kept trying to tell myself that I am not a lesbian. The last time i came out to my parents about something (It was the fact that i wasn't a Christian like them) they laughed and said i was too young to even by thinking about a choice like that. They still tell people I am a Christian. I guess that experience makes me think that they wouldn't support me. I don't know.


My name is Kirsten. I am 18 years old. My first crush was in Kindergarten on a girl.... My mother is extremely Catholic and is outspokenly against homosexuality. The area in which I live is very Christian. People are very openly against homosexuality and I fear how I would be treated if people knew. I am in the top of my graduating class. Straight A's. Going into either Geo or Astrophysics and Anthropology. I do not see a way to live both lives openly, and so, at least for now, i will remain silent.

Ashley 1

I was 14 when i lost my virginity..Im almost 16 now. I wish i could go back in time and take it back, wait a lot longer then i did. My advice, wait till your completely ready, not just because your friends have done it and you haven't. Here is my story..

Las Vegas

I was one of the many cases of children born with H.I.V in the 90s. With my 21st right round the corner, every year i thank god for letting me live through another tough year.


im 16 and i am gay. i don't know how to tell a straight guy from a gay one. i came out when i was in 7th grade everyone new. i have lost and i have gained few friends. most or should i say all of my friends are girls. i live in a redneck county. i hate it all of the guys here are rude and hatefull. i go through hell everyday to live my life and to be happy.

Ben 1

My name is Ben, and I'm gay. I have told a few of my friends, so I am by no means open yet. I'm not afraid of how my peers at school would react, but I'm afraid of my parents reaction.

Jen 1

If you knew me you'd never thought I'd be the one to lose my virginity before I was married. I am 17. My boyfriend 18. We've been together for 4 months now.


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