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Young people

Aurora 1

Ever since 4th grade I have had lesbian thoughts and feelings because all of my male role-models in my life have been abusive to my mom and I. I'm almost 14 now and I have had a major crush on my BFF. Now all I need to do is sum up some bravery and wait for the right moment to tell her... I was really reluctant to tel my story at first, but then I read the other stories and I could tell it helped them. I am really thankful that I found Avert...

Joe 1

i think about men, and I don't find women all that attractive at all. I began hating myself, thinking I was wrong, that I was dirty in some way. After a while I realised, I'm gay aren't I, I'm going to have to accept it or I will hate myself forever. and although it was difficult i resolved my complex feelings about being gay.

Michelle 1

I am 17 and I am still debating about losing my virginity. I just want girls out there to know that if they are being pressured into having sex, they need to stay strong and because sometime boys can be very hurtful and rude; after all it is not easy to find a guy who does not want to just jump in your pants or stop when you ask him to.

Jack 1

I'm 21 year old. that was the year i realize i am a gay. But i never told anybody because in our location, most people are christian and i used to be a good christian. I often wonder if Jesus forgive me or i am really guilty.


Hi,my name is B ,im 21years old. I found out in June 2011 that i am hiv positive, my cd4 is 309, is this good or bad? I dont know. My heart is heavy,im unsure of my life. Will i die tomorrow? All these qeustions! I feel like im going mad. Ive told my bf, but he seems to be living in denial. I so want him to test, so we can both stay healthy.


i am a 25 year old gay man living in South Africa. I will not come out 2 anyone. I have been called gay, fag, stabane, sophy, caroline, the list is endless, 4 as long as i can remember.

April 1

I'm 14 years old and I have feelings for such an amazing girl. She isn't lesbian/bisexual. I'm finding it very hard to deal with. I just need someone in my situation where the feel that their feelings are so strong for a girl they would do anything. I need someone to talk too who's in my shoes.

Andrew 1

My name is Andrew, im 17 and i'm gay. For about 2 years I kept telling myself that it was just a phase and I tried to make myself attracted to girls which didn't work. I've been out for a few months now and I had my very first boyfriend. It ended after a few weeks- but on good terms. My life has completly changed for the better now that people know. Now I am truly happy in life and i'm so excited because my life is finally moving forward. I would advise everyone who is gay, lesbian, bi etc to come out because once you do, you will feel so much happier in life.


My first open gay crush was a guy named L, at the RV/Beach Resort my family visits during most summers. I came out to my friends and selective family members at 14, and they were all very supportive. Point of the story: If you're afraid to come out, just tell your closest people. You're gonna have haters, but who the Hell doesn't?

Dan 2

i am 21 years old and a graduating college student...i meet a friend, he become my best friend. i felt something peculiar the way we treat each other and i just felt-off that i'm in love with him and at the same time i discovered that i'm a gay. at first i can't accept it because they say being gay is sin and i don't want to go hell. i did confess everything to him and he replied "yuck' hehehehe.. i guess he is hiding something. ...but i understand him that way because both of our parents are strict. and here in our country gays are not totally accepted.


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