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Young people

Alex 1

Growing up I didn't really care what other people thought and I didn't really know who I liked until I turned 14 that's when I considered liking girls.


Hi my name iz k I found out abt my status on de 22 of august 2012 I was shocked by the tym I found out and I did the tes t at school


My name is T iam 18 year,iam one of the people who were born with hiv and I found out in february this year

Sophie 1

My name is Sophie I am 15 years old and I am a lesbian. I came to the conclusion I was a lesbian when I was 13 yeas old. I didnt know or didnt realize it fully until I turned 14.


I lost my virginity to my current boyfriend. We are high school sweethearts, and began dating freshman year of high school.

Finally free

Im a Lesbian im 20 and I came out today to my parents . Ive known I was a lesbian since I was 7 years old . I never had the courage to come out as a teenager for fear of rejection.

Nicole 1

I had a boyfriend who always talked about having sex and i wasn't comfortable with it. I was 17 years old and felt like maybe I should. I talked to my aunt and she told me that if he really truly loved me like he said he did he would understand and wait.


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