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Young and LGBT


I'm Cal and I'm 14 years old. I've known that I like guys since I was 10 years old, and always called myself bi. I felt more safe that way and thought if anyone knew I was gay it would be a massive thing. I finally accepted that I was gay at the age of 12, and have since been busting to tell someone. You don't have to come out until you're 100% ready to.

Sarah 1

Two nights ago I had a conversation with my dad, and we got into a big argument about gay rights. He struggles with homophobic feelings towards gay people and as a result doesn't have problems with people using 'gay' as a negative term ("What a fag!") or joking about gay men. Do I need to confront my parents? I know the conversation will be a difficult one... could it ruin everyone's holiday? Could it create much more honest discussions about homophobia?

Samantha 1

I think I'm bisexual, NO... I know I'm bisexual.I'm 18 years old. I've always admired the beauty of a woman though, he curves her lips, her hair, women are such beautiful creatures...but at the same time I love men and I love my boyfriend. I don't have many people I can talk to. I cant imagine my family being supportive, and many of my friends don't understand the lifestyle.

Evan 1

I knew that i am different ever since i grew up. As i turned 15, i was certain that i am gay and started to look at men in a sexual way. I was so uncomfortable with myself. I tried to "like" girls but it didn't work out. For now, i really wanna come out to family and friends but i don't have enough strength for that yet, i don't know what i shall do honestly, but i will have to do it.


My parents are openly homophobic, they say things like "Gays should be burned to death" , "They are going to hell" Etc. Etc. Even my father who i though maybe would be better with it has said at one given time, "They should be taken to an island and drowned". So I knew the news wasn't going to go over well.

Meghan 1

I've always known that i liked girls, but at the same time i liked boys too. I always thought being bisexual mean that you dint know what you were, then one day i looked up the word "bisexual" and found out that it doesn't mean you don't now who you are it means that you like both side.


I was captain of my school's football team and known for the way I put my body on the line. I'd walk into the yard and younger students would stare. Everyone knew me, I was popular, successful and looked up to as a role model. If only they'd known I was gay. I had girlfriends and fooled myself each time that I was in love and straight. Everyone is different, but I am much happier because I claimed who I was and acted on it.

Kelsey 1

I’m 15 years old. God is a HUGE part of my life. I guess you could call me a “Jesus freak,” I’ve known I was attracted to girls FOR SURE for about four years. It tore me up inside, knowing that I was a lesbian and keeping it quiet, but at the same time hearing all of my best friends, who are my church friends, make homophobic slurs hurt more.


The absolute WORST way to tell your parents that you're gay or bi is through anger. My parents and me were arguing about something (I honestly don't remember what it was), and it was kind of my way of getting at them by telling them. This is what my mom told me: "We're old Wayne. This is a completely new concept for us. You're just going to have to give us time to accept it, is all. We love you very much, and don't ever doubt that."

Makale 1

I am 21 and being a lesbian in the state of Utah is difficult. I was raised in a Mormon household. I have all sisters and I graduated with only 50 kids in my class. Lesbians were kind of unheard of in my small town. I think that sometimes the hardest thing is to accept yourself, but once you do, it will make you happier.


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