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Women living with HIV


My name is Joy am 32 HIV positive and a mother of a handsome 4 year old. later i didn’t breast feed my baby even under pressure and came up with all sorts of reasons why i couldn’t like not having breast milk. it was tough dealing with all this on my own and because of the suspicions one nurse who was a relative to my boyfriend accessed my file and told him. he confronted me but by this time my son was a few months old and HIV negative so i told him. The issue of disclosure is something i would love to share with friends because many times we make rushed decisions at a time when emotions are high and later regret.

Carol 1

Hi my name is Carol i was tested positive for HIV in 1996 when i was pregnant. A lot of people think that when you have HIV you will die well this is not true as am living proof its now 15 years for me. I am strong and healthy and i have 2 beautiful girls they are negative. Live your life normal and eat healthy and you will live to old.


I remember the day i was told i am HIV+,It was on world AIDS day when me and ma friend decided to test as we both had boyfriends. My worry was that i was 3 months pregnant with ma first child,so many things ran through ma mind worrying about my unborn child n how am i going to break the news to him. ....i just found out ma CD4 count is 54. I am so worried about ma health as i have lost so much weight over the last 5 months.

My Story

I'm 22 years old I wad diagnosed with HIV in 2009 I was turning 20. A guy I was some what dating gave me the virus. I usually use protection but that night he bought me so many drinks that I don't even remember anything.

No name 1

I was diagnosed with HIV in May 2011 which I can not really explain how or when i contracted the virus. I have not yet started taking the ARV's despite my CD4 count of 229 as I am afraid of the side effects and am trying my best to raise my immunity.


Hey guys, am a 24 year old Nigerian lady living with HIV. I on my own decided to go for a test, I wasn't feeling sick or anything.... My doctor, mum and sister were the only ones I could talk to and am sure I made it through that period cos of the support they gave me (especially my doctor). He kept explaining the nature of the disease over and over again, telling me how healthier I was than most of the people living without the disease and how I could live a normal life, get married and have healthy babies.


I was 7 months pregnant an old boyfriend I dated in 1985 was killed in a car wreck. I was told by mutual friends that his parents wanted to tell me something he had planned on telling me prior to his death, he was HIV+. I immediately was worried about my son, so I was test and found out I was positive as well. I had my son tested as soon as he was born and thank God, I did not pass on to him. In 1985, HIV wasn't as known to the straight community, I was on birth control, so I thought I was fine.....


Hi im Cloe a 21yr old now i found out i was HIV+ in 2008. ....i never really had family my mom passed away wen i was 13... im scared im going to leave behind my daughter one day with no mom nor dad at home.histroy might just repeat it self...


I found out that i am HIV+ in 2011 when i was pregnant with my first baby 23-24yrs of age... The only challenge for me nw is that I have to start taking arvs and i am not sure if i will cope..

Tina 1

Hi, i am Tina, turning 40 in July 2011. I found out in 2008 Dec that i was HIV+. I had been in a relationship for 10 years and after finding out, i told my boyfriend to go get tested, he was not shocked to get the news, it was clear that he knew all along. Thinking back, i say, if we did not use protection, how could i expect him to use it elsewhere.


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