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Stories from friends and family of positive people

Anonymous 1

My boyfriend has been having fever for almost a week. At first, the doctors suspected that it could be dengue virus. But there were no rashes. They suggested doing a HIV test and today it came out positive. I know that my boyfriend regretted what he had done in the past and he now worries about the future. But I will not leave him to face what lies ahead alone. We will do it together.


I met one of the most charming young girl around that time. Small talks led way to long conversation.... Eventually I realized that I was completely in love with her. Finally I got a mail saying " I have HIV". For two years we were together, we never had penetrative sex...Finally one fine day she told me that she had found someone else who was just as 'fucked up'. She told me that there was no need for me to be with her anymore.

Alicia 1

My relationship with my father has always been strained because he was never there when I was growing up. Last summer I finally saw him only to discover he was HIV+.
I have spent so many years hating my father but I now I'm scared he's going to die

a hurt mom

I found out this week my son is HIV positive i haven't even gotten comfortable with the thought of him being gay my heart hurts so bad I'm 38 my son 23. I love him so much and there's nothing I can do to save him its hard to stop crying I have other children I have to be strong for and take care of its hard when I can't focus this is taking over my mind.

Wife 1

Well my husband recently told be days ago that he thinks he's HIV positive. If you know anyone that is infected give them lots of love. lots and lots cause they shouldn't have to face it by themselves.

Sandy 1

I have a wonderful, tall, handsome 22 year old son who has HIV. He found out he had it after he committed a petty crime at 18... I have never seen him so low. As a mother my heart breaks. It seems everyone has left him now and he is totally alone to deal with all the prospects and stigma this disease brings.


I just wanted to share my story after reading stories from ladies that test postive for hiv.


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