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Men living with HIV

Steven 1

My message is this- If you have HIV and your partner does not...please disclose to them its our responsibility as hiv+ people to make sure the dieases ends with us.

Eric 1

Hi my name is Eric and I'm HIV positive. I've always been bullied I've always been humiliated because I'm gay


I tested positive and broke down. Anyways im still trying to get used to the fact that I have HIV. I'm fine with it now


I am a gay male, and I dated a guy who told me that he had it shortly after we started dating. I eventually tested positive, which didn't cause me to be depressed initially, because I felt I had him to support me like I supported him. However, after finding out and telling him, I felt him drift away from me.

Dan 1

I m 25 and single, i just realised my status on 2 feb 2012, im now very lonely coz i don't want to make love with a negative person,


I am a man aged 33 and happily living with HIV. i discovered this about 7 years ago when my health started failing me and i started ART after checking my CDF was 221. I was however not courageous enough as i had to stop the drug after i started experiencing strange side effects. Sadly i lost my lovely wife that gave me a lovely son soon after she discovered she was positive. I was devastated but have since picked up the pieces and restarted my ART and now am more heatheir than the healthy and i believe i will live my normal life till i die from natural causes.


i'm bisexual.... I was a carrer oriented guy then,in spite of being highly educated and updated,i done sex with guys without protection.I never bothered much. i was selected for a fantastic job offer from abroad and i had to undergo a medical test to get VISA. i was very confidant of getting VISA, the news that shocked me is the call from clinic that my all tests are clear except,HIV test for which i was tested positive.


My name is Charles, im an African guy who came to England in 2008... i found out about my status wen i came to this country as i was supposed to go for all blood tests.... I haven’t told my family for fear of the stigma surrounding HIV in the African people. thanx to the UK government for making the HIV meds available i have never been ill....


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