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Living with HIV/AIDS

Mark 1

I was just diagnosed being HIV positive a few days ago, after I decided to go for a blood test at the pharmacy. Wow,I almost fainted,when the nurse gave me my result, I said ''do it again'' It was positive, I was devastated, I cried..........I was so emotional. I thought, why God? Why did you do this to me? I felt robbed of my life, I thought of death. I am still trying to cope with the fact, that I have the virus, just been diagnosed a few days ago.

Anon 1

When I was first diagnosed two years ago, I wondered if I would ever stop thinking about the fact that I was HIV positive. By the time I was diagnosed, my CD4 count was 260 and I was going to bed at 7pm every night, almost as soon as I got home. I started taking medication, and am feeling better and better.

My Story

I'm 22 years old I wad diagnosed with HIV in 2009 I was turning 20. A guy I was some what dating gave me the virus. I usually use protection but that night he bought me so many drinks that I don't even remember anything.

No name 1

I was diagnosed with HIV in May 2011 which I can not really explain how or when i contracted the virus. I have not yet started taking the ARV's despite my CD4 count of 229 as I am afraid of the side effects and am trying my best to raise my immunity.

Jay 2

I'm 19 years old and i found out i was HIV positive 2 months ago... so many thing were rushing through my mind, but the one thing i kept thinking was that i was going to die. i have been reasured that i am not going to die, and im pretty healthy at the moment and i don't need to start taking meds for a few years. i need to stop getting depressed because having HIV isn't the end of the world, plus drugs and medication are always getting better so who knows maybe a cure in 3,5,10 years???


Hey guys, am a 24 year old Nigerian lady living with HIV. I on my own decided to go for a test, I wasn't feeling sick or anything.... My doctor, mum and sister were the only ones I could talk to and am sure I made it through that period cos of the support they gave me (especially my doctor). He kept explaining the nature of the disease over and over again, telling me how healthier I was than most of the people living without the disease and how I could live a normal life, get married and have healthy babies.


I was diagnosed a little over 0ne year ago. I was and am still very angry but the problem is, who can I be angry at? The last time he and I were intimate, I was the bottom and after he got off he pulled out and his face turned white, and he just stared down at his dick. ....The condom had broke and he ejaculated inside of me!


I was 7 months pregnant an old boyfriend I dated in 1985 was killed in a car wreck. I was told by mutual friends that his parents wanted to tell me something he had planned on telling me prior to his death, he was HIV+. I immediately was worried about my son, so I was test and found out I was positive as well. I had my son tested as soon as he was born and thank God, I did not pass on to him. In 1985, HIV wasn't as known to the straight community, I was on birth control, so I thought I was fine.....


I had hiv when i was 19yrs old and im stil cd4 is still ok and im not under ARVs. I feel like my life is much beter now since i had this sickness.i eat healthy and im enjoying myself with my family coz they knows. im stil in shape and nothing is wrong with me. I guess something positive can come up from be hiv positive


Hi im Cloe a 21yr old now i found out i was HIV+ in 2008. ....i never really had family my mom passed away wen i was 13... im scared im going to leave behind my daughter one day with no mom nor dad at home.histroy might just repeat it self...


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