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Living with HIV/AIDS


i'm bisexual.... I was a carrer oriented guy then,in spite of being highly educated and updated,i done sex with guys without protection.I never bothered much. i was selected for a fantastic job offer from abroad and i had to undergo a medical test to get VISA. i was very confidant of getting VISA, the news that shocked me is the call from clinic that my all tests are clear except,HIV test for which i was tested positive.


I tested for hiv when I was 18 years old and I know the person who infected me so I have a feeling that I had it when I was 16-17yrs. Where I live there are many people that are hiv positive . It funny course an hiv positive person can be more happy than a negative person. So don't stress just live your life and protect others.

Mary 1

Two weeks ago I found out I am HIV positive. I was so shocked My mind was blank. Couldn't think until the doctor spoke to me. Just felt like this was a punishment or something. Don't know when or how I got the virus. But now I am still the same, nothing has changed.


It has been a year since i found out that i was HIV+ but that did not stop me. I am 20 years old soon to be 21 I am a full-Time college student(junior) and i work a full-Time job. When i found out that i had it my Viral load was very high around 650,000 and my cd4 count was low. I started taking medication and now my Viral load is really low that it is UNDETECTABLE. I don't let HIV stop me for having fun. I still go out to parties and live my life like i don't have it. I just make sure if i am having sex that i practice safer sex.


I went for HIV/AIDS testing last year... The results came back positive. I was referred to the nearest clinic where I did my Tuberculosis test. The TB test also came back positive. I was only 21 when i found out i was HIV positive. I haven’t told my parents and the whole family though because they are very strict people and they will judge me. I don't have any friends either. But 1 day i will come out.


I am 31 years old. .....we had a great ultra sound the baby was normal and moving and it was the most happy time we had been thru in a long time... However, all that was crushed when they brought me in a little room by myself and broke the news I was HIV pos. I went numb. I stop breathing, and I screamed. It was unreal to me... I thought "its a mistake" somethings not right, they have it wrong.


My name is Joy am 32 HIV positive and a mother of a handsome 4 year old. later i didn’t breast feed my baby even under pressure and came up with all sorts of reasons why i couldn’t like not having breast milk. it was tough dealing with all this on my own and because of the suspicions one nurse who was a relative to my boyfriend accessed my file and told him. he confronted me but by this time my son was a few months old and HIV negative so i told him. The issue of disclosure is something i would love to share with friends because many times we make rushed decisions at a time when emotions are high and later regret.

Carol 1

Hi my name is Carol i was tested positive for HIV in 1996 when i was pregnant. A lot of people think that when you have HIV you will die well this is not true as am living proof its now 15 years for me. I am strong and healthy and i have 2 beautiful girls they are negative. Live your life normal and eat healthy and you will live to old.


I remember the day i was told i am HIV+,It was on world AIDS day when me and ma friend decided to test as we both had boyfriends. My worry was that i was 3 months pregnant with ma first child,so many things ran through ma mind worrying about my unborn child n how am i going to break the news to him. ....i just found out ma CD4 count is 54. I am so worried about ma health as i have lost so much weight over the last 5 months.


My name is Charles, im an African guy who came to England in 2008... i found out about my status wen i came to this country as i was supposed to go for all blood tests.... I haven’t told my family for fear of the stigma surrounding HIV in the African people. thanx to the UK government for making the HIV meds available i have never been ill....


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