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Living with HIV/AIDS


i tested + d day after my wedding. my husband personally too me to d hospital. we both did test and he tested nagative, d doctor gave him his result and ask me to follow him to his office.
there he told me i was +positive. HIV is;nt a death sentence. I am six month pregnant now and hope to have more kids.
life continues even if u are HIV+positive.

Anonymous 1

My boyfriend has been having fever for almost a week. At first, the doctors suspected that it could be dengue virus. But there were no rashes. They suggested doing a HIV test and today it came out positive. I know that my boyfriend regretted what he had done in the past and he now worries about the future. But I will not leave him to face what lies ahead alone. We will do it together.


I went into rehab to cure a drug addiction, found out i was 3 month pregnant at the time. there is where i took an hiv test (just for the hell of it)and low and behold it came back positive. I was devastated for many reasons but i was really concerned for my unborn baby. thank god i caught it when i did cause i took the necessary steps to have a healthy baby boy. IT'S Not a death sentence any more. U can live a healthy life :)

Black Rain

a week ago, i found out that im pregnant & yesterday I found out that I'm HIV positive. The person I got hiv? I'm not mad, nor am I bitter. I don't hate him, I'm just ail confused. but at the end of the day remember he gave me any and everything I could ask for, but who is to blame?? I look at myself in the mirror and the person that's looking back at me she so confused, she's the one to blame.

Faith 1

I'm a 24 year old woman, i found out i waz hiv+ march ths year. i waz 3mnths pregnant. It has bn hard 4 mi bcz i hvn't told my family yet. I gues i hvn't fully acceptd my status.


I'm 22yrs old wth a healthy 17mnth baby gel. i dicied 2 take an hiv test bcoz i cought my boyfreind cheatng on me 3tyms. i was prayng that some how the result could come back negetiv bt thy were positev, d fst d went on my mind ws my baby.... the only thng um left wth is checkng my cd4 cnt and testng my baby gel 2 make sure tht she is hiv negetive bcoz i check 2 time while i ws pregnent and the result were negetive.

Jessica 1

It is August 2nd and just yesterday on the 1st I found out that I was HIV positive. I havent been able to sleep, eat, I am extremely weak and scared beyond words. When the nurse called me into the room and told me my resutls, I almost fainted and started to break down. Medicine is going to be extremely expensive and dont know what I am going to do if I cant afford it.

Single Mom Living with HIV

All it took was one day. In December of 2009, I had a friend fly in to town. It was a friend who I dated exclusively and who I though he dated me exclusively. I told him to bring a condom since we hadn't been together in a while and so he did. In the middle of our encounter, he removed the condom because it was bothering him. That's all it took. I did not want to get tested for HIV because I was afraid of the results and so I didn't. Since my diagnose, I have tried to remain positive and hopeful that someday soon, a cure will come; not just for me, but for all those living with this disease.


My husband contracted HIV from a waitress. I contracted it from him and my infant son contracted it from breastfeeding. We were all well and healthy at that time and non-the-wiser of the virus within. My husband passed away in June of 2007, after living in denial, knowing full well that the woman he had slept with had died from AIDS related illnesses. I told my son about his condition, explaining as simply as I could for his young mind to understand the reason why he should take his medicine regularly.


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