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Living with HIV/AIDS


I'm a female of 26yrs old with 2 beautiful kidz, a boy and a girl. I was diagnose with HIV and my cd4 was very good that time but I didn't believe any of it so I didn't do anything about it. I started ARV's 11 september 2010 and now I'm healthier as ever but my mistake is I still do take some few glass of wine. Reading ur stories ppl I'm more stronger now coz sometimes I thought I'm alone in this battle. I'm not free to tell everyone coz my community is still discriminating ppl with HIV and also where I work its the same. Thanks!


Hi,my name is B ,im 21years old. I found out in June 2011 that i am hiv positive, my cd4 is 309, is this good or bad? I dont know. My heart is heavy,im unsure of my life. Will i die tomorrow? All these qeustions! I feel like im going mad. Ive told my bf, but he seems to be living in denial. I so want him to test, so we can both stay healthy.


i tested + d day after my wedding. my husband personally too me to d hospital. we both did test and he tested nagative, d doctor gave him his result and ask me to follow him to his office.
there he told me i was +positive. HIV is;nt a death sentence. I am six month pregnant now and hope to have more kids.
life continues even if u are HIV+positive.

Anonymous 1

My boyfriend has been having fever for almost a week. At first, the doctors suspected that it could be dengue virus. But there were no rashes. They suggested doing a HIV test and today it came out positive. I know that my boyfriend regretted what he had done in the past and he now worries about the future. But I will not leave him to face what lies ahead alone. We will do it together.


I went into rehab to cure a drug addiction, found out i was 3 month pregnant at the time. there is where i took an hiv test (just for the hell of it)and low and behold it came back positive. I was devastated for many reasons but i was really concerned for my unborn baby. thank god i caught it when i did cause i took the necessary steps to have a healthy baby boy. IT'S Not a death sentence any more. U can live a healthy life :)

Black Rain

a week ago, i found out that im pregnant & yesterday I found out that I'm HIV positive. The person I got hiv? I'm not mad, nor am I bitter. I don't hate him, I'm just ail confused. but at the end of the day remember he gave me any and everything I could ask for, but who is to blame?? I look at myself in the mirror and the person that's looking back at me she so confused, she's the one to blame.

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I'm a 24 year old woman, i found out i waz hiv+ march ths year. i waz 3mnths pregnant. It has bn hard 4 mi bcz i hvn't told my family yet. I gues i hvn't fully acceptd my status.


I'm 22yrs old wth a healthy 17mnth baby gel. i dicied 2 take an hiv test bcoz i cought my boyfreind cheatng on me 3tyms. i was prayng that some how the result could come back negetiv bt thy were positev, d fst d went on my mind ws my baby.... the only thng um left wth is checkng my cd4 cnt and testng my baby gel 2 make sure tht she is hiv negetive bcoz i check 2 time while i ws pregnent and the result were negetive.


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