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Living with HIV/AIDS


My name is T iam 18 year,iam one of the people who were born with hiv and I found out in february this year

Eric 1

Hi my name is Eric and I'm HIV positive. I've always been bullied I've always been humiliated because I'm gay


My name is MM. Im 25. When I saw that my test was reactive I broke down and cried thinking how could this be happening. I had no idea I was HIV positive and I'm glad I tested myself because I would have never known.


I am a gay male, and I dated a guy who told me that he had it shortly after we started dating. I eventually tested positive, which didn't cause me to be depressed initially, because I felt I had him to support me like I supported him. However, after finding out and telling him, I felt him drift away from me.

Dan 1

I m 25 and single, i just realised my status on 2 feb 2012, im now very lonely coz i don't want to make love with a negative person,

Kim 1

i am a 35 yr old women with 4 kids. i just found out march 2011 i have aids my cd4 count was at 6 and my vl was at 751,000. What about my kids? who did i get it from? he instantly found me a doc and i started on my meds. i think the hardest part was all the side affects but u make it threw those and u start feeling better.


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