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Living with HIV/AIDS

6 months pregnant & HIV positive

I am currently 6mnths pregnant I am 25 and found out that I have hiv when I went to my first obgyn appointment . I just got married a mnth prior to the man of my dreams. When they told us my whole world stopped I couldn't breath. I looked at my husband and my eyes filled with tears. I was petrified. For my life and the life of my unborn child. My husband immediately held me close while I cried. He asked to be tested as well. His test came back negative Thank god! But then I thought for sure he was going to leave me... And I wouldn't blame him.


My name is austine. I have b living positive for 3years now. When i got to knw my status i thuoght that was my end point But today i m wiser and stronger than i was. Just live and clean life wit go and all take ur medication friends

AVERT says: Testing positive for HIV is an emotional experience. Check out our dedicated pages on Living with HIV and Learning you are HIV positive for more information.

George 2

It hasn't been easy telling of my condition to anyone not even my family but am looking for a wife of a similar status to take care of each other coz the conditions are at time hard n unbearable.


It's been a few months now, almost 6 months since i found out that i am hiv positive. Its been a few hard months. Going through all of the emotions, not knowing.

Steven 1

My message is this- If you have HIV and your partner does not...please disclose to them its our responsibility as hiv+ people to make sure the dieases ends with us.


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