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Living with HIV/AIDS


I found out I was positive about a month ago by my 9 month old bf turns out he knew since 2 years ago but was in denial and now he ruined my life too! I'm about to start Medication soon. And I am really scared one day I'm super optimistic and think I'll be fine but the next day I'm scared and think I just want to die don't let this bring you guys down I am gonna be strong and hope everyone here knows they will be fine too the doctors say medicine is so advanced that if we take care we will live till were really old. I am only 22 and I know my

Tina 2

hi am Tina.knew I was positive in 2010 wen abt to married my patner tested - I tot my world has ended but his love for me grew stronger and gave me a reason to live again.HIV is not a DEATH sentence take ur drugs,live positive and u wil b fine it does not stop one from having kids.I really tank God for my darlin husband for been dia foR me.tank you. Remember its not a death sentence,those who criticize r not infected but if eventually they get infected,what will they do.God bless u all. There will soon be cure by Gods grace


I was infected and found out 3 years ago and i still have the very same feelings that Lee has got. I keep going through these different motions and emotions, one moment i am going to beat this the next Im down and feel like giving up.

m 1

i hav tested hiv postive dec 2008 while pregnant. the doctor said my CD4 count was 485 at the time. he reccommeded that i should start with med to prevent mother to child transmission.

Lisa 1

I am HIV positive. When I was 12, however I began getting sick a lot. Very tired, too tired to do most activities, headaches, I was forgetful...that's when my parents told me the news. They told me I had contracted HIV from a blood transfusion at birth, because I was a premie.

Nandy 1

I was diagnosed with HIV in March 2012. I was pregnant... I had the most difficult pregnancy because i was too much stressed and that made me suicidal. Now I have taken a decision to just be on ma own with my baby who tested negetive.


i am 21 years old, i am living with the virus since from 2008.... i met a guy he was very handsome he really loved me da time he was hiv positive bt he ddnt tel me. evrytime when we have sex i had to remind him to put a condom, one day he remove it while we we busy having sex luck i notices bt i was too late because he already infected me.

Richard 1

My gilfriend and i tested positive in 2008 when she was 7 months pregnant. Our children,daughter is now turning five years old while our son is turning one year old this year and are both negative. We are both on meds and doing fine and looking forward to see our grandchildren.


I will b turning 21year on June,last week I went 2 clinic 2 Start a ANC clinic so as we know dat if u r preg u hv 2 make an HIV test it was positive...


I am a 43 year old woman and i discovrred my status on 15 September 2009. At the time my cd4 was 650 and since then i have not been on any medication. My cd4 now is 325 and my Doctor (bless his soul) has recommended i start treatment but i am scared. I am terrified because i have not told anyone (family and friends) about my status because of the stigma. I just want to tell everyone out there that life goes on and that this desease is not a death sentence and although life as you know it may change because of your new status, it is still your life which only you can live to the fullest


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