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First time sex stories

Anonymous 3

I had only been dating my boyfriend for 3 months. We talked about it too which helped me make my decision. So we did it. But it was special and super sweet. But really, it's not that big of a deal. Well not for me anyway. I don't feel dirty or a hoe. Honestly, I don't feel like i even lost it. I only feel guilty that i haven't talked to my parents.

Abi 1

i was only 13 when i lost my virginity but i was going out with a boy who was 15 and yes we're not together anymore. So i went to his house and we sat on his bed and started making out, he pulled a condom out of his pocket and said, ''only if your ready babe' i replied yes i i thought he was the one i wanted to loose it with. advise is dont have sex at the age of 13 unless your really ready and like the person, but as a result of loosing your virginity you may loose your friends. Also if you do have sex make sure you use protection.


My first time was with my first serious boyfriend, we had been together for around 5 months. It was definitely awkward, quite funny, but very sweet, it didn't hurt, and I have never regretted it. We were together for around 2 years in total. Our relationship ended mutually, we just grew apart. We are still friends. :) Not all relationships are bad when you're young.


The first time I had sex wasn’t perfect. He was 16 and I was 14, and I loved him. I knew he loved me because at the time I was going through hard times with my depression and getting off drugs (weed). He was very supportive and that’s when I knew I wanted him to be my first.

Ashley Mae

I always told my self that I either wanted to wait till I was married or had been in a long committed relationship before I had sex. As it was happening it hurt pains would shoot up into my stomach and between my legs. He would stop and ask if I was okay, he was sincerely worried about me, he wiped the tears from my eyes.


So as a 21 yr old woman, who has never had a boyfriend, i was beginning to think i would never be comfortable with men. in the beginning it hurt a bit, but after that it became a lot of fun. this experience was only possible because of the way I felt, it shouldn't matter who the guy is, or what he says, YOU have to be comfortable with yourself. I was never pressured to lose it, and i'm proud of the way i did.

Danielle 1

I was 15 when i lost my virginity, he was my first proper boyfriend.... so as we go into his bed it wasnt long before he put on a condom and i must admit it really really hurt me...after a while i told him to stop as it was hurting me too much.
Days later he told me we should try again but i told him i didnt want to, i want to wait a bit longer till the next time....shortly after i found out he was sleeping with other girls, i actually thought he loved me and would wait for me..clearly not.

Anon 4

I was reading some of these and I noticed only a few were from a guys perspective. My story doesn't end in losing virginity but it does have things in there that might be useful about sex and body image,but all the same. My tips, make sure you're ready, emotionally and physically and always wear protection.

Emily 1

I did not get the fairytale 'first-time' like a lot of girls claim they did. It was not with my boyfriend, we were not in love. I was 17. He was a 'high-school crush'.... The night i lost my virginity i cried more than anyone outside my family had ever made me cry before.

Maya 1

The first time with my boyfriend was wonderful. We were both virgins and I did not feel any pressure. We both felt like it was ready to happen as we has been going out for 2 years. We, of course, used condoms and the whole thing went about so naturally.


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