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Makale 1

I am 21 and being a lesbian in the state of Utah is difficult. I was raised in a Mormon household. I have all sisters and I graduated with only 50 kids in my class. Lesbians were kind of unheard of in my small town. I think that sometimes the hardest thing is to accept yourself, but once you do, it will make you happier.


'Can a Turk be a gay? 'That's a question asking to the public in my country. That's a question about me. Because I'm a Turk and I'm a gay. When I was in Qur'an Course in a mosque everyone says: 'Homosexual demons are invading the world. This is the doomsday!' And so I hate homosexuality. It was all a demon in your soul and must be punished at once.Everyday I went the mosque and prayed God to become a normal and rescue myself from this devil.


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