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i am a 25 year old gay man living in South Africa. I will not come out 2 anyone. I have been called gay, fag, stabane, sophy, caroline, the list is endless, 4 as long as i can remember.

Silent One

I'm now who I am. I'm outwardly bi. I like girls and guys. If ever I get another girlfriend, or a boyfriend(?), my point in having one is to get into a satisfying relationship, wherein I can express myself, and just love my partner and be loved for who I am. I've never been this me, and now I'm in the stage of accepting myself for who I am, because all of my life I really had a problem accepting my own imperfections. But now I'm better. Because I'm out.

Andrew 1

My name is Andrew, im 17 and i'm gay. For about 2 years I kept telling myself that it was just a phase and I tried to make myself attracted to girls which didn't work. I've been out for a few months now and I had my very first boyfriend. It ended after a few weeks- but on good terms. My life has completly changed for the better now that people know. Now I am truly happy in life and i'm so excited because my life is finally moving forward. I would advise everyone who is gay, lesbian, bi etc to come out because once you do, you will feel so much happier in life.

Jay 1

I always wanted to have sex with man and at the same I'm attracted to woman. I have never intended to come out to my parents because they are very conservative nor my siblings because they look up to me and I dont want to dissapoint em, although i know that they will eventually find out. The thing is I enjoy being bi and I dont see anything wrong as long as im honest to myself and to my partner. I'm not sure if coming out to my family is necessary anymore, because in the end i'm the one who will decide how to live my life.


My first open gay crush was a guy named L, at the RV/Beach Resort my family visits during most summers. I came out to my friends and selective family members at 14, and they were all very supportive. Point of the story: If you're afraid to come out, just tell your closest people. You're gonna have haters, but who the Hell doesn't?

Dan 2

i am 21 years old and a graduating college student...i meet a friend, he become my best friend. i felt something peculiar the way we treat each other and i just felt-off that i'm in love with him and at the same time i discovered that i'm a gay. at first i can't accept it because they say being gay is sin and i don't want to go hell. i did confess everything to him and he replied "yuck' hehehehe.. i guess he is hiding something. ...but i understand him that way because both of our parents are strict. and here in our country gays are not totally accepted.


I am nearing 30....The stories on this website inspired me to tell my own. I went to university and had a couple of short relationships with boys before I met my boyfriend. he proposed I said yes, thinking that the unsettledness I was feeling was because I wanted to get married. 7 months before the big day I went on holiday, a week in France, snowboarding. that was when I first saw her... she was amazing. I had to come home and face the truth I am gay and I could not marry the boy no matter how much I love and respect him. Telling my fiance was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. It felt like I could see his heart breaking and mine broke with it. We ended on good terms and he is happy with his new girlfriend.

Amy 1

Hi my names Amy and I'm bisexual. I am currently in a relationship with a boy but I'm more attractive to girls (I always have been). There's this girl and she's everything but I'm scared because she's lesbian and fully out to the world and well I'm not, I'm scared of telling my parents and siblings, I'm scared of school if anyone found out there it would spread like wild fire and I'm scared of being out in the world. I don't think my parents would take kindly to me if I came out bisexual.

Jasmine 1

I am a 15 year old lesbian who has been hiding her sexuality because i am afraid of what people may say. do not be afraid to admit your true feelings for people as they may turn out okay.


I am 23 [...] and a lesbian, ....i told my parents. they were a little shocked but accepted me and loved me. then together we told our closest friends and they were nothing but supportive. Advice for others, the sooner you come clean the sooner you will get the chance to love and be happy.


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