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Anonymous 10

Since i turned 13 i started to actually think that girls were cute s i thought there was something wrong with me because my parents always told me that they want me to like guys and not girls

Finally free

Im a Lesbian im 20 and I came out today to my parents . Ive known I was a lesbian since I was 7 years old . I never had the courage to come out as a teenager for fear of rejection.


I'm 12 years old and i'm bisexual. I look at my female class mates and think "Are they a lesbian?". I just want to be happy in a relationships! My mom on the other hand thinks i'm just going through a phase and totally disregarded my feelings!! I love my mom but she can be really mean!

Stay Strong

I'm 19, in my 1st year of college and I came out to 2 friends. I never would of imagined that it would of being this liberating or easy, but I know I still have a long way to go. I'm not sure how it will go with my parents but I'm probably not going to tell them for a while, or until I get my undergraduate degree.

Maddie 1

I'm 17 and a junior in high school. For as long as I can remember I've felt like the black sheep. I am more attracted to women and I'm so bi curious it hurts. My school isn't very accepting and I'm afraid to tell anyone. However after reading everyone else's stories I feel even more compelled to do something about it. So I just wanted to thank everyone for being so open.

37 & Bi

I have never told anyone in my family I'm bi or about this affair. Imagine finding out at 35 your bi in love with your BFF and have no one to tell it to. I'm dying inside and no one the wiser. My family is very old fashioned and will never accept that I like girls.


I'm sixteen, and I've been living the life my dad wants me to live, all along. Just to make him happy. But, I wasn't happy. I'm gay, and I couldn't be myself because I thought it would disappoint my father.
I've grown up around gay and bisexual people. My mom is bisexual, and I was always around her and her girlfriends and gay friends. My aunt is gay, and I was always around her and her ex-wife, and all of her girlfriends.

Joe 1

i think about men, and I don't find women all that attractive at all. I began hating myself, thinking I was wrong, that I was dirty in some way. After a while I realised, I'm gay aren't I, I'm going to have to accept it or I will hate myself forever. and although it was difficult i resolved my complex feelings about being gay.


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