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Young People

A selection of young people related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.


I am currently a full month away from being 21 years old. I am HIV +. I was born with it, but i didn't know what was wrong with me till i was 15 years old. The way that i found out was that something was first wrong with me was when i was six years old and i got blind after getting very sick and taking twice as long as the other kids to get better.

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Jane 2

Well I'm 14 years of age and so far i have only had 2 sex-ed lessons. I go to an all girls school. And my first sex -ed lesson was when i was in grade 5 and everyone put up a fuss, the parents, and us children, the older grades had told us these frightening stories, and the teachers told us we could leave the lesson at anytimes due to complaints. My second sex-ed lesson was last year in grade 9. And the stuff they covered was basically all the stuff our bodies had been through.

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Vanessa 1

At school I first talked about sex and puberty when I was ten we were all shown a very old videotape of a man and woman walking about naked. It was a pointless video to watch and I don't think it taught me anything nor my classmates. I had an older sister so I learnt most of the puberty stuff from her and my mother also told me what happens etc. I can't recall however her telling me to practice safe sex though e.g. condoms, properly because she was older then most mothers and I was young at the time maybe she thought I didn’t need to no all that just yet.

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I think children should be educated about sex because If a child gets pregnant they will, one, loose their virginity, and two pretty much loose their childhood.

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Tom 1

In England and Wales, sex education is not compulsory in schools as parents can refuse to let their children take part in the lessons. The curriculum focuses on the reproductive system, fetal development, and the physical and emotional changes of adolescence, while information about contraception and safe sex is discretionary and discussion about relationships is often neglected.

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