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Young People

A selection of young people related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Anon 4

I was reading some of these and I noticed only a few were from a guys perspective. My story doesn't end in losing virginity but it does have things in there that might be useful about sex and body image,but all the same. My tips, make sure you're ready, emotionally and physically and always wear protection.

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I was infected at 17 years old by my second boyfriend. After being in that relationship for about 6 months or so this fellow told me that he loved me and that we didnt need to use condoms anymore. The sex was so good that I can still remember it to this day in more than one way. Today I know that Early detection and ALL PREVENTION are the keys to stopping the spread of this disease as well as EDUCATION. Take it from me " Wrap it UP"

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I was 25 when I lost my virginity and I'm not ashamed of waiting that long.

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Anon 7

I've been private (Catholic) schooled all my life, and I'm 16. From the age of 2. My school no longer shows "the video" about sex ed. to the kids. hey tell us, "Don't get pregnant girls." But when you're 11 and someone tells you that, thinking back it's like, "How do you not get pregnant?" Because if you don't know what not to do until after you do it, it's useless. So this is just me supporting the idea that schools need to bump up the amount of sex ed. they give their kids.

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Carlos 1

I hope my story will catch the eye of at least one young person and make them think twice about having sex. My first sexual encounter was February 2010. I was 19 and frustrated. Everyone around me was getting laid and had been for years, or so they said, and I wanted in on action.

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