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Young and LGBT

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.


This year and the last few years, I have been through a lot of shit that has to do with my sexuality. I've always loved girls because they are so amazing, both sexually and emotionally.

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My name is Josh and im 16. Ive known i was gay since the beginning of my life(where my memories started). Im living in the closet and it does suck but i am fortunate that they're brave people who are out and fighting for our rights. Hopefully one day i can join them and protest with them. My family are homophobic, but i still love them , they are just not exposed and educated on this stuff. My name is joshua and one day i will come out and i am , will be a proud gay human being!

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Jess 1

Im 14. I've known I was a lesbian since I was 11. I really wanna come out to my family. Ive come out to my friends and they're cool with it. They actually said they were happy that we weren't lying to each other anymore. Even the lady I babysit for for free tutoring knows and she still let's me around her daughter. I thought it would be really hard to tell my friends but they were like, "so. That doesn't change you." and we just went on being friends Like always.

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Ryan 1

when i was in year 8 i fancied someone in my year [...] someone in my class said to me that he is gay, and then we were seeing each other. Then everyone in my year was calling me gay and i was getting abused. It was in the half team that i said i was gay, when we got back to school i have a lot of name call, but by the end of the week everyone accepted me for who i am. Still now i am getting name calling at me, but i just didn't say nothing back to him because that is who I am so just accepted it.

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I am 23 [...] and a lesbian, ....i told my parents. they were a little shocked but accepted me and loved me. then together we told our closest friends and they were nothing but supportive. Advice for others, the sooner you come clean the sooner you will get the chance to love and be happy.

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