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Women living with HIV

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Anon 10

I just found out that I am HIV positive. only three days since. The thing is I am not sick or I am not anything just did the test for safety and found out I was in fact HIV Positive. I have not found out my CD4 level as yet so I am not sure if I have to take any ARVS and how much. My blood was sent to the Lab for a comprehensive report. I am trying to stay strong as I know that there are people who have lived a long time with it Pray God I am one.

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is not that easy to be hiv positive im married and my husband is negative every year he takes test for his well being....

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Before I start I know your eyes probably hurt with all the "googling" you've been doing, as well as your fingers... So if its any help... Dont google... You'll send yourself mad!! You can certainly google specific things, but dont just type in HIVAIDS... because that information can be A. Unreliable and B. Confusing. Trust me, I've spent many of sleepless nights wondering if I could live a normal life again, because of some advice I believed from some random person, who was given the mighty title of "Top contributor" on "Yahoo Answers"... What sounds important, just too bad they aren't... Read more Read more

Lily 1

I’ve just been given my diagnosis a couple of months ago. I'm 20 years old and I don't know exactly how or when I got the virus as I have never had any distinctive symptoms or conversion illnesses.... I am not on medications as yet as my CD4 is still slightly above 350 and my viral load is relatively low. Every night I pray to God that they may find a cure to this terrible disease, but I must also acknowledge that yes, medications have come a long way and some doctors go as far as to claim that under the right circumstances ( adherence to treatment, time of diagnosis etc) one may expect to... Read more Read more


i think im hiv positive im 20 years old but i think i got the virus when i was 17 years old i been having sytoms for a long just scared to get tested because i know its goin to be positive. i wouldnt know how to tell my family i wouldnt know how to tell anybody one thing for sure i do need somebody to talk you cant go thru this alone.

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