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Women living with HIV

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.


in september 2008 my partner had a headache for three days. he's never been to the doctor before, raised on an island and never had any type of health care. i knew it was serious when i offered to take him to the ER and he agreed. Three days later, he was diagnosed with AIDS and a raging case of cryptococcal meningitis. CD4 count was 3. I went for a rapid test in the clinic attached to the hospital and never expected the answer to be that i was positive. i fell to the floor, cried like i was in a soap opera, and asked "who's going to raise my children?"

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Zanele 1

I found out that i was HIV positive in 2003 i was 23 when i was pregnant with my second baby. My husband was the one cheating the whole time i had no choice bt to leave him in 2005. Because he couldnt behave himself or handle his status he died 10th December 2005, may his soul rest in peace- bt i feel sorry for all those women he infected. Since then i lived a positive life although there are challenges life goes on.

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I am a lady by the age of 31 will be 32 in april. i came to find out about my hiv status last year in september and my cd4 was very low 24, which meant i had to start arvs. i started taking drugs after a month and right now as am writing this letter am on drugs. The only problem am facing is telling my boyfriend who wants to marry me this very year. am so scared that he will leave me when he finds out that am positive coz every time i bring up the issue of hiv just to get his views he says he would die out of depression.

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Brittany 1

I was diagnosed with HIV in February 2010, right after a follow up i had for a miscarriage in January. me and my mother was heartbroken. When i went to the doctor in October they told me that my HIV was undetectable. which was a major relief to me and my mother. She is so silly cause she thought i was goin to die and both my children would lose me. Now I am in perfect health and waiting on a cure.

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Your friend

I am your friend. I found out that i am hiv positive last year june,25th 2009.Life has not been easy on me since.I told my husband and he did'nt believe me,so we decided to go for the test together,and the results came out he was negetive and i was hiv+. i have been with him for 18years now. My problem is that he want a baby with me and i am not sure weather it is the right thing to do, as i am scared something might go wrong.

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