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Women living with HIV

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Anon 5

i was diagnosed with h.i.v when i was 19 n it was hard for me dealing with it at first.... I failed to stand up for myself when i said lets use protection and he said 'no' i let him. bt i know better now and i wish i could tell other young women to know better.... i know i cannot change it but i can live with wit and do everything i can to stay healthy and not die young because with sites like these i learnt that i have a lifetime to live.

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Anon 3

Well,i am 26 have been recently found that i am HIV+. I met someone else beginning of this year and we always had protected sex and this one time the condom slipped off whilst we were having sex and it remained inside my vagina and my goodness that was scary.And i knew right there that I was at risk and i asked him when last did he do an aids test.

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I've been getting sick a lot last year and eventually in September 2010 I decided to go for an HIV test and it came out positive. I cried a lot, I asked God what I did to deserve this, I thought about my children and the fact that I was going to die and leave them but after talking to a councilor and getting used to the fact that I was HIV+ I excepted it and started looking at life in a very different perspective. Being HIV+ doesn't mean you are going to die, this is the same disease as any.

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I tested HIV positive in November 1999 at the age of 24 just 6 months after I became sexually active with my first boyfriend. I have learnt to live one day at a time but am very lonely as each new boyfriend I meet immediately cuts ties with me the minute I tell him I am hiv positive.... My life is now centered on my education and my work but i still dream of a husband and children but stigmatisation of people with hiv is still very real.

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Anon 6

i am a 39yr old female i found out i had hiv 1995. i got if from my kids father after i had my kids. i stated taken madications then. but my medicaid stopped in 1997. i could pay for my meds so i went with them for years. until i ended up in the hospital i was on the broard line for having aids.

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