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My first time was pretty great. It was with a high school crush of mine during a fall break my first semester of college. She was a good friend of mine and we had gotten the whole crew we used to hang with together during break. We had both kind of flirted with each other for a few years, well, more like awkwardly hung out alone and sent each other seemingly knowing smiles during moments of silence. Regardless, the whole group was drinking that night, and as most teens are aware of, drinking inhibits that part of your mind that makes decisions. We also smoked a couple bowls.

So myself and her had a few drinks in us and we were watching The Beach and right at the really romantic part, she and I looked at each other, like we had before when were hanging out, but this time we went for it. Pretty soon, it was a making out and above clothes grope fest between me and her on the couch in the middle of this friend reunion and it wasn't until we started stripping down that we stumbled towards the guest bedroom of the house. Now, I'm a virgin, thought that this night would just be hanging out with friends and getting drunk and had no idea this would happen and so I didn't have a condom...

Three weeks later I get a call from her. She said she had just gotten the test results back for her HIV test. My heart froze. Completely still. I couldn't hear another word she said after she said the test came back negative. Also, she was on the pill so there was no real fear of pregnancy to begin with. Anyway, we had a great time and haven't grown apart, nor sparked up the same romantic flame, and we are great friends. And I've been with 4 other girls since and it's been great, and the girls have been the sweetest I've met. Of course they know me as my alias of Walter, the Junior chemistry major [...]

So yeah I have no regrets everything worked out fine.

AVERT says: It’s really important that you know how to protect against pregnancy, STIs and HIV, as not every story ends like this. Have a look at our Contraception page for more information.