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I'm V, I was a sophomore and he was a junior. I meant him threw his cousin(Gab)he was a clost friend at the time. one day instead of going to class he skips class in comes into mine. I didn't kno him to well but he started to pay me attention to me and 2 days later when Gab &I use to hang out Ney would come along.i guess you can say I fail for the trap . Sooner then later he would hang out with me but only in crowds. I really didn't pay attention until now. I should of knowed something was up one day he walk me to class holding my hand and his sister ask who was I. I couldn't believe all the late nights and walking to class holding my hand was for nothing. I walk away hurt he known that iwas hurt. Doing spring break his sister and him had a party. I was invited. I went and had to many drinks I assume. And before I know it I was on the floor of his room and him on top of me. He ask was I "down" I said yes knowing I was to drunk to say yes or no. We did it. He had sex with me. It lasted like an hour.after we went back down stairs and he became very distance.I thought it was me. But that Monday at school he told me that I was"fun and nice having you around".My first time was horrible. I virginty was taken away form me by a complete a** . And now me and Ney still go to the same school he a senior and I'm a junior. He walks by me like I don't even exist.The guy who once told me "he loves me" was all one big lie to get into my pants GIRLS DON'T FALL FOR THE GUY WHO GIVES YOU ALOT OF ATTENTION.TRUST ONCE ITS GONE YOU CAN NEVER GET IT BACK.WAIT UNTIL THE RIGHT GUY COMES ALONG.AND IF HE REALLY LOVES YOU ,VALUE YOU AND YOUR WISHES,AND HAS RESPECT YOU. AND DONT GIVE IT UP JUST BECAUSE HE SAYS I LOVE YOU.