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Hi im toby im 14 and i came out about number 2 months ago. I think I've known i was gay since i was 11 or 12. I told myself that i needed to to tell someone but i didn't have the balls to tell them myself , so i just text my friend Emily and said "i have something to tell you" , and then just told her im gay. its alot easier coming out through text because all u have to do is click send ,but i strongly advise against it because had butterflies in my stomach all weekend untill i saw her again on Monday. At first she didn't believe me because i was quite masculine (on the outside) and i was a bit of a joker so she fought i was joking. anyway i saw her in school and she gave me a big hug which felt great and reassuring.the following weekend i told another 2 girls who where part of the group (in person) . then i didn't tell anyone else for another 4 months .then  i told a few  of the lads and my rugby team (which is a better version of american football where you don't where a helmet like a pussy) . They where surprisingly ok with it except a few knobheads who i didn't like anyway.shortly after that he  everyone knew which i was expecting, so i was ok with that .i don't get bullied because in not the type of person you'd mess with . But it did come as a shock to everyone ,even though i was never the slightest bit homophobic ,I was the last person your expect to be be gay. Next i told my 2 big sisters  ,who where fine and then i told my mum which was really hard , she was confused and had a time to begin with , we didn't talk untill the next day and my sisters where disgusted with her because we where such a close family , but after she had though about it she came to terms and we had a heart to heart and now we're  closer than ever. Now my life is great i have a better social life ,im looked up to and most importantly i can be myself . If i was you ide come out gradually when your ready because its great . Don't be scared.