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hi, i was diagonosed a year ago today, im still really unsure of how i got it but ive got it, when i first found out i was hiv positive i couldnt belive what i was hearing, i just wanted to die there and then, i didnt want to live this nightmare, a year down the road im still here, but have suffered so much, ive been really ill lately suffering with shingles and some other health problems, my ex girlfriend also left me after hearing that i had got the virus, ive been single ever since, im actually to scared to have a realitionship now in fear of passing it on and disclosing my hiv status once again, my ex is the only person i told about this, now i have no1 to speak with about it as ive not told another sole, so now drs have reffered me to see a counilor as im down in the dumps.