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I was 15 when I lost my virginity to my boyfriend of 7 months. We were in the same gifted program school. As an Asian American there was no way I was going to ask my parents to be put on the pill, as they would freak out. None of my friends had sex before and I had no one to consult, since kids in my school were just like that. What was really important to me is that I was with the right guy. We made sure that we knew what we were doing, and used protection. We did it for the first time at his house when his parents weren't home. It didn't hurt for me at all, and I didn't bleed. Whenever my bf and I had spent time together privately, he would finger me until it didn't hurt anymore. I googled and found out that my hymen might have already broken during sports or something. So the first time we had sex was really enjoyable. He would ask if he was hurting me and if I wanted him to stop and I felt really safe with him. However, towards the end either the condom slipped or something but we found cum on me and it really freaked me out. He bought me a morning after pill, but for that night, it was a huge scare, even though the chances were with me. My parents and school put a lot of pressure on me to achieve and I felt like my life would be over with an unwanted pregnancy. I kept thinking, this couldn't be happening to me, it only happened to stupid kids! But we were "stupid kids" too and it can really happen to anyone. We agreed to not have sex again until I can be put on the pill. So the moral of the story is, double up!