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Sex education - what people say

A selection of young people related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Tom 1

In England and Wales, sex education is not compulsory in schools as parents can refuse to let their children take part in the lessons. The curriculum focuses on the reproductive system, fetal development, and the physical and emotional changes of adolescence, while information about contraception and safe sex is discretionary and discussion about relationships is often neglected.

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Mitch 1

Keeping it short and simple we were told about puberty in grade 6. As my teacher discussed the matter we were all laughing. The main thing that thy skipped was how sex really happened. Sure they went into detail about the scientific way and all that but no one said anything about the fact u can do it at a young age and girls can actually become pregnant.

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Anon 14

My school didnt provide me with any type of sex ed from K - 10th. My parents had me calling the vaginia a "what's it" until i was 14 and a boy who i was with told me that isnt what its called. I think its pathetic schools don't provide the common sense, at least, that many children are lacking. At 15 years old I got pregnant I now have a ten month old daughter who I love more than anything in this world. If I had one wish it would be for my school to have properly educated me and all my classmates about sex, and contraceptives.

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Since I first learned to read in grade 1, my mom kept buying me books each year about the female body and the changes that would occur as I grew. While most girls freak the first time they have their period, for me it was more like; "Oh, okay. whatever." I was totally cool with it. Teenagers getting pregnant because of the lack of safe sex education, kids frightened by the changes their body is going through, because not even their teachers or parents have bothered to give them the understanding they need?

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