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Hola. My name is Rook (yes, it really is) and I am a fifteen year old male.

I figured out that I was bisexual, leaning towards gay, at the age of twelve.. Because I'm just awesome like that.

Despite how understanding, loving, and cool my mother is, it took me a couple of months for me to tell her. Honestly, this had quite a bit to do with the fact that I was coming to terms with it myself. At first I denied it. Because really? Being bi/gay sounded really hard. I had heard all of the negative stigma that had been attached to this role in life, and I did not want to have to deal with that. But then, after a lot of deep soul-searching and thinking, I managed to accept it.

However, my reluctance brought up another question. Did I REALLY need to tell anyone? What did it matter? I wasn't at the point where I had any serious crushes on anyone yet or anything, so why did I need to share this? You know, it might just even be one of those 'experimenting' phases, and it was just puberty kicking at me, and it would all just blow over.

But I felt restricted. And I felt weighted down, and it was like life had its hands around my neck. It's an awful feeling... One which I found that I wanted to do away with as quickly as possible.

So, with the blind,wild courage that only a young teenager (or near enough) could have, I went and confessed it all to my mother.

And do you know what she did? I remember it as clearly as if it were five minutes ago...

My mother had taken off her hat, and looked me straight in the eyes.

"Rook," she said. "I love you. I will always love you. You like guys... Well, so do I!"

And then 'woosh'! I felt lighter! It honestly works like that, people... My mother's reaction was the only one that I was truly worried about, and she had just filled me up with undeniable relief and love.

:) Your family may not accept you, but believe me when I say that you really need to tell SOMEONE and have them accept you. It's honestly amazing how wonderful this will make you feel...

Rook ...

Oh yeah, and shortly after that, I told my older brother. He slung his arm over my shoulders, and was like, 'So you're a LIBERAL?" And he smirked at me!

AVERT Says: Coming out is not easy. But like the author or this story, you can feel a great sense of liberation upon doing so. For more information, please see our dedicated coming out page.