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Hello, My name is Ronek I am 21 years old and I was diagnosed with HIV when I was a Freshman in College. Being 19, HIV+, and going to school in another state, I felt lonely. I was away from all my close friends and I had no idea how to really handle the situation. I told every single person I was sexually active with to get tested and they all got back to me saying they were negative. It didn't matter who infected me, as long as they knew and they got tested. I barely told anyone else. No one at school even knew I was sleeping with men and I wanted to fit in. I kept it from my family and most of my friends. It wasn't until my senior year in college when I started to tell people. In fact, I started to tell the world. I started my own public speaking business discussing sexually-related health issues to college students. I'm not shocked that people my age do not use protection most of the time. I am not surprised that we are now accustomed to casual sex. I was in their shoes and know I learned my lesson. I started spreading awareness. I am now 21, publicly speaking about my diagnosis and sexual orientation. I finally told my parents and family but I still strive to decrease the amount of newly infected sexually-related diagnosis in young adults everyday. Thank you for listening.