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Hi My Name is Rebbeca . I'm 12 going on 13 . (:
I'm Bisexual . But no one knows . It's hard cause if my mom found out I'm affraid she wont look at me the same . & My dad I love him to much I can't tell him . He's over protected !

When I first liked a girl it was my sisters Bestfriend she was in the 6th grade and I was in the 4th . She was so beautiful ! But I didn't know I liked her like that I didn't even know what was Bi and Lesbian ! But I went to school the next day and a new girl came . This boy liked her but she didn't like him but I never talked to her . Like a few months later she moved . & one day my friend was talking about her do I was listening and one of my friends said she was Bi and I didn't know what that ment so I got home and looked it up on google . I found out that it ment you liked girls and guys and lesbians was you just liked girls . I thought to myself I liked my sisters best friend but no I couldn't be Bi cause I would like other girls .

Then I got into Jr. High . I was in the 6th grade & I finally told myself I liked girls and a lot of other girls were Bi over at my school so I just left it like that but no one knew I was bi . Till one day I got on Facebook and my Bestfriend was writing on a girls wall I love you babe and she did this date rate thing on here status so I looked at what she wrote on girls walls and she would write " Date , Mhmmm ? " So that's how I found out she was Bi she liked me but I never noticed it . & I kinda liked her to then one day she got with a girl at our school and it spreded all over the school and people were happy for them as well as I. Then this one bi girl really liked me and one of my friends was like you should go out with her just for fun but she didn't know I was Bi so I did then right after that period I told her it was over . Then my bestFriends girlfriend was talking to me about something and I forgot she didn't know I was Bi and it came out I told her " I went out with that girl " & she was shocked cause I told her she was like omg you're Bi . I was like dang it I forgot you didn't know . But I felt comfortable with it so I started telling my closes friends and they accepted ! But then I moved to a small town ! Where if you kissed a boy everyone knew at that exact moment ! So I couldn't tell no one I was Bi ! My parents or Sibilings don't know I'm Bi ive dated a few guys but it didn't feel right so I dated two Bi girls and they felt right but we broke up ! :'/

I Feel Uncomfertable with being Bi but then again I don't ! But all I'm saying is be yourself and if you don't want to say anything about it then it's okay wait of the right moment ! Be yourself and be proud ! (:
#Team Bi / Lesbian ! (: <3

AVERT Says: If you feel personally affected by what was said in this story, or if you would like more information, please see our page on Coming Out