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Hi my name is Nonny i am 21 years old, i am living with the virus since from 2008, i met a guy he was very handsome he really loved me da time he was hiv positive bt he ddnt tel me. evrytime when we have sex i had to remind him to put a condom, one day he remove it while we we busy having sex luck i notices bt i was too late because he already infected me. I neva thougt that he could be positive, then later i heard by his ex g.f that they both positive, u know i was so shocked i was so scared to ask hm i kept it as a secret i ddnt tel anyone until i went 4 an testing that when i discoverd that am also hiv positive, after dat we broke up, he knew dat he has is bt his aim was to spread it. so we broke up and he was busy changing women as if hes changing his underwear, so i had to be strong for my self and move on honesly it was'nt easy bcause no one knew except me and da nurse. i was so hurt and loney i even tried to kill my self bt one day i felt like i need to talk to someone, i told my bestfrend and i was so shocked to find out dat she was also hiv positive. Today am strong and am nt using any medication am still fine, so guys let us nt give up let us fight this virus let us unite and become one luv u guys.