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I'm a 14 year old bisexual girl and to be honest I'm quite happy with it. but its not all pop tarts and cereal; I deal with a lot of ish from people who believe that bisexuality doesn't exist, people that think I'm a "slut" for being bisexual or that I'm just doing it for the attention of guys, or that I'm just a lesbian and that I'm just afraid to come out as a lesbian so I just say I'm bisexual. NO NO NO!!!!!! I'm not. I like guys and girls and not ashamed of it. Most of my family knows that I'm attracted to males and females and I"m very proud to say that I'm the reason some of my closeted friends came out because I came out. I hear a lot of biphobic comments from people that don't understand and most of them are from people in the lgbt community who are supposed to be there for young and old people who are bisexual but instead they bash us for being us. I've had many people question me about this and to be frank it is extremely annoying to hear all the time. And to add to it being multiracial and bisexual is just so "unheard of", but its just that people don't come out because they've seen people get abandoned by their families and that no one will want them so yea its hard being bisexual, its hard to be gay, its hard to be straight, its hard to be lesbian, its just plain hard to be human at all so all bisexuals, lesbians, gays and straight people stay strong things get better and life goes on. <3 :)