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Hi My name is Gloria and I am 26 yrs old and I was born Hiv postive and Hep C, I contracted the virus threw my mother because of her addiction to drugs which she also passed it on to my father as well, she passwed away a few months after I was born and father passed away when I was 7 but i was adopted by dads parents before he passed away. I am one of the babies who born with the HIV virus and Hep C back in the 1980's, But I took treatment for the Hep C so for now I am clear free from Hep C but I still deal with my HIV because there was a time where i took a break from medications, But I clearly do not recommend it at all to anyone to what I did. I did it out of anger because I was upset of how no one new I was born with Hep C until I was at least 17/18 yrs old when I moved from Chicago to upstate NY. I was one lucky person and I have no idea how I did to survive but I did, But I am back on meds and I am undetictable still. I fought alot to be here right now and telling this strangers, but i am not scared to tell whom ever what i have. I have no fault so have no shame to who i am, nor should anyone else. I have showed many people on to be educated on what i have on to be protective on how not to be scared as well, I tell them there so much that schools cant teach and peopel tend to hide as well. But if there is anything I have learned always be honest with people you know and care about, and most of all be completely honest truthful before getting to meet someone you know that you interest in or is trying to date or how ever the situation is. But never be dis honest, nor hide it, nor lie about, nor do something with another person if they do not know because eventually they will know one way or another. and trust me you will not like the outcome, so try to avoid the pain and suffering and lie and etc.. Before getting into a situation that you could avoided in the first place. I have seen lots in the all years I have experience and I dont like the outcome at times but I know I cant hide from how life is for me but just to think of my life as a daily challenge. Thats is how I stay so strong and keep healthy I don not let my stress nor my life come between my health. I keep faith strong in god and from there he takes care of there rest. Because I am survivor. :) Keep your heads people because staying strong and keeping faith strong and doing whats best for health, well make you have a long lasting life to fight for for. <3