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Men living with HIV

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.


I broke up with my girlfriend half year ago and i was depressed for several weeks. I drank a lot since that day and used to have sex with anyone who want to have sex. I didn't even care if i might be infected with HIV, I even wanted to see how HIV look like. Then, I was diagnosed with HIV + a month ago.

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I was diagnosed a little over 0ne year ago. I was and am still very angry but the problem is, who can I be angry at? The last time he and I were intimate, I was the bottom and after he got off he pulled out and his face turned white, and he just stared down at his dick. ....The condom had broke and he ejaculated inside of me!

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Mark 1

I was just diagnosed being HIV positive a few days ago, after I decided to go for a blood test at the pharmacy. Wow,I almost fainted,when the nurse gave me my result, I said ''do it again'' It was positive, I was devastated, I cried..........I was so emotional. I thought, why God? Why did you do this to me? I felt robbed of my life, I thought of death. I am still trying to cope with the fact, that I have the virus, just been diagnosed a few days ago.

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My name is Charles, im an African guy who came to England in 2008... i found out about my status wen i came to this country as i was supposed to go for all blood tests.... I haven’t told my family for fear of the stigma surrounding HIV in the African people. thanx to the UK government for making the HIV meds available i have never been ill....

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I am a latin guy who has been enjoying hos life since I discovered I was HIV positive. If you have this virus in your body dont feel sad come one guys this is no the end of the world. Look at around you there are people who still need you people who love you who want to see you smiling.

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