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Men living with HIV

A selection of HIV/AIDS related personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Steven 1

My message is this- If you have HIV and your partner does not...please disclose to them its our responsibility as hiv+ people to make sure the dieases ends with us.

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HIV is not a death penalty it is a challenge to us

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George 2

It hasn't been easy telling of my condition to anyone not even my family but am looking for a wife of a similar status to take care of each other coz the conditions are at time hard n unbearable.

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Eric 2

I still remember that day. This handsome, young man came to me, and asked me if I wanted to have sex with him. He came close to me, and cuddle my head. Back then I was 18 years old, I did not know he was infected. He looked so cute and his appearance definitely fooled me. I hope my story will teach people to avoid having sex with others based on their appearance.

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i'm bisexual.... I was a carrer oriented guy then,in spite of being highly educated and updated,i done sex with guys without protection.I never bothered much. i was selected for a fantastic job offer from abroad and i had to undergo a medical test to get VISA. i was very confidant of getting VISA, the news that shocked me is the call from clinic that my all tests are clear except,HIV test for which i was tested positive.

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