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Hi, i m Manish. I can to know about my HIV status when I was in Dubai & medical test was required for visa extension. It was the most horrible day in my life when I came to know that my result is positive. I was alone. I cried till more than 12 was 6th August 2008. I was expecting my promotion in next 6 month of 1 lac per month.. & now getting 20000 only in one is ready to give job to any HIV+ guy.. its too ridicules. Though I have passed more than 5 one in my family knows about my hiv status..but i told to some of my close friends..I m single & my parents r searching a life partner for me, what to do as they don't know about my status. i got great help from AP+ (association of peoples leaving with HIV & AIDS, NGO) Now my confidence level is quite increase...but too much tense due to non availability of good job..though i m a very good civil engineer having 10 years excellent experience.