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Lisa 1

Hi. My name is Lisa. I'm 29, married to my dear husband. And have a most beautiful baby girl. To the average everyday person, I appear a totally healthy, normal woman. And, in most ways, I am. Most ways except one: I am HIV positive. As a child I lived a very happy, playful life. Friends, playdates, gymnastics ect. When I was 12, however I began getting sick a lot. Very tired, too tired to do most activities, headaches, I was forgetful...that's when my parents told me the news. They told me I had contracted HIV from a blood transfusion at birth, because I was a premie. The year I was born 1983, the blood supply wasn't checked. So when I got the transfusion, I got HIV along with it. However, nobody knew at the time. Not my doctors. Not my parents. No one. My parents found out many years later, when I was 8. At first, and for a very long time, I couldn't understand how such a thing could happen to me. I felt I was a good person, so why was GOD punishing me? I cried a lot. There were dark clouds all around. But, I slowly began to get better, thanks to some new meds that had just come on the market. And they helped me to claw my way back into Life again. I try to remain positive, in my outlook, that there will be a cure soon, very soon, and, believe mw somedays it's harder than others. My husband, unlike me, is HIV negative. We conceived our daughter naturally, I carried her full term, and she was born via c-section and is HIV Negative as well. I am so thankful beyond words for the health and family and friends that I have, as many of my friends deserted me when I was at my lowest point. My friends who stuck by me through it all are worth their weight in Gold. And I love them for it. Life is like a garden. It can grow compassion, or fear. Resentment or love. What seeds will you plant there?