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LGBT & Sexuality

A selection of personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Jack 1

I'm 21 year old. that was the year i realize i am a gay. But i never told anybody because in our location, most people are christian and i used to be a good christian. I often wonder if Jesus forgive me or i am really guilty.

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Joe 1

i think about men, and I don't find women all that attractive at all. I began hating myself, thinking I was wrong, that I was dirty in some way. After a while I realised, I'm gay aren't I, I'm going to have to accept it or I will hate myself forever. and although it was difficult i resolved my complex feelings about being gay.

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Aurora 1

Ever since 4th grade I have had lesbian thoughts and feelings because all of my male role-models in my life have been abusive to my mom and I. I'm almost 14 now and I have had a major crush on my BFF. Now all I need to do is sum up some bravery and wait for the right moment to tell her... I was really reluctant to tel my story at first, but then I read the other stories and I could tell it helped them. I am really thankful that I found Avert...

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Ben 1

My name is Ben, and I'm gay. I have told a few of my friends, so I am by no means open yet. I'm not afraid of how my peers at school would react, but I'm afraid of my parents reaction.

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im 16 and i am gay. i don't know how to tell a straight guy from a gay one. i came out when i was in 7th grade everyone new. i have lost and i have gained few friends. most or should i say all of my friends are girls. i live in a redneck county. i hate it all of the guys here are rude and hatefull. i go through hell everyday to live my life and to be happy.

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