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LGBT & Sexuality

A selection of personal stories written by different people from all around the world and sent to AVERT.

Eric 1

Hi my name is Eric and I'm HIV positive. I've always been bullied I've always been humiliated because I'm gay

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Personally, for me, being gay and holding it inside myself started to eat away at my family life.

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Hi My Name is Rebbeca . I'm 12 going on 13 . (:
I'm Bisexual . But no one knows . It's hard cause if my mom found out I'm affraid she wont look at me the same . & My dad I love him to much I can't tell him . He's over protected !

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Leah 1

hey,am leah.. am a lesbian.last week i slept with a HIV + lady. i didnt know of her status at the time of intimacy. i found our 12hrs laters of her status..n immediately went on PEP arv treatment.i just pray to God that the treatment works n i turn  negative.pple lets be careful n avoid casual  sex

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Anonymous 10

Since i turned 13 i started to actually think that girls were cute s i thought there was something wrong with me because my parents always told me that they want me to like guys and not girls

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