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So my story is very different... When I was 14 my boyfriend and I decided to have sex. At this point we had been going out with each other for over a year, and had participated in oral sex. Now unlike the other stories, it was ME who was asking HIM for sex. With him being a guy it didn't take too much convincing and the next weekend I was over his house. There was no foreplay, he just took my pants off and went to stick it in. However, we had a lot of trouble doing this, it wouldn't go in a bit and was hurting like hell, plus no condom was being used. LUCKILY his parents came home and caught us, besides all the yelling from the parents, I could not be happier that it did not happen, because we broke up due to it. 3 years later, aged 17, I'm with my new boyfriend and I once again bought on the topic of sex. He knew about my past experience and said when the time came, we would do it right. So 6 months down the track, I was at his place and it was perfect. No candles or fancy dinner, just the right attitudes to it. We were in love, he had been my best friend for the past 2 years, we used condoms, and lube, and I went on birth control before it knowing it could happen at anytime. During the whole act he was so kind and gentle and asking if I was okay and reassuring me! Looking back on these past two experiences, I'm so glad that it happened properly when I was older. I want everyone to know to do it right, and when you're ready. And to also know that it is okay to be a GIRL and want to have sex, but make sure you are actually ready and do it when you're prepared.