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I, a gay male, a gay teen of 16, have but recently come to terms with my own "internal struggles." I have, in retrospect, always been gay, and should have always known I was. At the age of 14 I realized that girls were not where it was at for me. I say realize loosely, as I had always been very subconsciously aware, but not AWARE, so to speak. I live in a very country, right wing state and have grown up around people who have said it was wrong to be gay. When I was younger and starting to realize that something was "wrong" about me I was very adamant in refusing the fact that that was me. Not because I was a christian, but because I, like any 10 year old, want to be able to feel accepted. I wanted to be normal. And so those feelings were pushed back. When I came to terms with myself 4 years later a weight lifted off my shoulders, I felt light. And so I went and told the girl who I was dating at the time. She went to the bathtub and cried on the floor. But she got over it and now she's my best friend. I went the next year letting my parents think that between my brother and I, that I was the straight one, rather than the inverse, where he is. In that year I told most of my friends, and this is where it starts getting "inspirational" so pay attention. Every single friend I told. Every single one. Was completely ok with it. I live in the country in a christian dominate part of the state. Where my family is the only group of non-religious people. All of my friends were ok. I freely talk about it with them and they take it without a twitch. Just as they would if I were a straight person. Now. In the 15 year of my life, October 10th of 2011 to be precise, my parents found out I was gay. Now, I didn't tell them. I was found out. I did not come out of the closet. The closet was ripped from it's hinges and the light of truth shined down on me. Forgive the melodrama. But anyways. My parents were surprised as I, the apparently more masculine brother, was never at suspicion of being gay. But I was. My parents took it like champs. They accepted me, told me they'd love me no matter what and even cried a little that I didn't trust them enough to tell them. They tell me things like be careful because the gay lifestyle is harder, more dangerous. Father makes jokes at my expense, but he means well and that's just how he is. Everyone who I've ever told has accepted me. This is a new era. Ignorance is diminishing. The new generation is coming into a world of open minds, activism, and love. And while there will always be people who hate, there will never be people who don't love.