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Hi, just call me Kin. I send a story here because i want to know my gender. Im 17 yrs old turning 18 on june. I dont know, this past few months/ years i think i had change my fellings when i saw Yes or No 1 & 2 movie, because I fell like now i have a crushes more on girls. I am still studying ,i have many friends here, and i have 3 girl bestfriends. I have a classmate here shes beautiful & i like her. We became friends but not totally close because i have an awkward fellings to her.I really like here, but im afraid that she will rejected me if i confess my fellings to here... Before, i had many crushes to boys. and i also have a boyfriend(s) before but now, im totally confuse with my fellings, i think im bi-sexual..Thanks to this website now i know that im not the only one who have fellings like mine.